• Jamais 3 si 2 (My third time in NY) - I

    So here I was. At 11 pm in a not-so-legal-but-so-cheap Chinatown cab on my way to 34th street & 11th avenue where the low-cost buses depart. Next stop: Toronto…and then Cuba. When we passed Forsyth Street & Grand Street, I thought about a French proverb saying: “Jamais deux sans trois”. It means that if you do something twice, you should do it a third time. At that exact moment, I thought it was the most stupid sentence in the French language.

    Because it was my third time in NY and it felt quite different. The previous summer (my second time in the city) was amazing: I finally recorded a little piano song and I made a small amateur short doc. But I was stupid enough to think that this creative vibe will come back the second I touch the ground of these streets. But it didn’t. This third time in NY felt like these tequila shots: it surprises you the first time, make your night the second and make you a little sick the third.

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