• Urban streets

    Ordinary life & ordinary people in extraordinarly crowded atmosphere of urban streets.

    Claro que las ciudades son agobiantes, pero asi es el ser humano, ¿ no ?

    Loin d'être son ennemi, la streetlife conjugue l'humain au pluriel.

      Fritz Lang, Metropolis

  • Madrid, dans un café à la puerta del sol

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  • Paris - Canal de l'ourcq

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  • Barcelone

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  • Un de ces jours (de l'an) à Barcelone.

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  • To episode II

    Maybe it was the same with the streets of NY, maybe I passed them the wrong way this time. But then why the majority of these streets have this sign saying “one way”? For the I-don’t-know-how-many-time, I looked at the Empire State Building and the Chrysler shining by night. And so what?  What’s so fancy about that? "Am I crazy?” – I wanted to ask the taxi driver. But I didn’t know how to say it in chinese.

    When we reached 32nd street, I did something completely new: I didn’t look back to these magnificent buildings for the “last” time. It was like they didn’t deserve it. Or maybe it meant that I would be back to this wonderful city again.

    Maybe sooner that I thing.


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  • To episode I

    Don’t get me wrong: I did have fun, met interesting, smart and nice people, visit good friends, discovered new beaches and new spots. But it didn’t feel the same. Something was off. I was off.

    The Chinese taxi driver turned the radio on and we listened to good funk music: it gave a soul to the glooming skylines. When we reached 11th avenue and turned right towards Chelsea, I thought about a “mysterious poem” my mum sent me by email a couple of weeks ago. Weather you read this poem from the beginning to the end or the other way around, it has an opposite meaning:

    “Today was the absolute worst day ever - And don’t try to convince me that - There’s something good in every day - Because, when you take a closer look - This world is a pretty evil place - Even if - Some goodness does shine through once in a while."

    To episode III

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