• Urban streets

    Ordinary life & ordinary people in extraordinarly crowded atmosphere of urban streets.

    Claro que las ciudades son agobiantes, pero asi es el ser humano, ¿ no ?

    Loin d'être son ennemi, la streetlife conjugue l'humain au pluriel.

      Fritz Lang, Metropolis

  • Paris - Canal de l'ourcq

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  • Barcelone

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  • Un de ces jours (de l'an) à Barcelone.

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  • To episode II

    Maybe it was the same with the streets of NY, maybe I passed them the wrong way this time. But then why the majority of these streets have this sign saying “one way”? For the I-don’t-know-how-many-time, I looked at the Empire State Building and the Chrysler shining by night. And so what?  What’s so fancy about that? "Am I crazy?” – I wanted to ask the taxi driver. But I didn’t know how to say it in chinese.

    When we reached 32nd street, I did something completely new: I didn’t look back to these magnificent buildings for the “last” time. It was like they didn’t deserve it. Or maybe it meant that I would be back to this wonderful city again.

    Maybe sooner that I thing.


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  • To episode I

    Don’t get me wrong: I did have fun, met interesting, smart and nice people, visit good friends, discovered new beaches and new spots. But it didn’t feel the same. Something was off. I was off.

    The Chinese taxi driver turned the radio on and we listened to good funk music: it gave a soul to the glooming skylines. When we reached 11th avenue and turned right towards Chelsea, I thought about a “mysterious poem” my mum sent me by email a couple of weeks ago. Weather you read this poem from the beginning to the end or the other way around, it has an opposite meaning:

    “Today was the absolute worst day ever - And don’t try to convince me that - There’s something good in every day - Because, when you take a closer look - This world is a pretty evil place - Even if - Some goodness does shine through once in a while."

    To episode III

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  • So here I was. At 11 pm in a not-so-legal-but-so-cheap Chinatown cab on my way to 34th street & 11th avenue where the low-cost buses depart. Next stop: Toronto…and then Cuba. When we passed Forsyth Street & Grand Street, I thought about a French proverb saying: “Jamais deux sans trois”. It means that if you do something twice, you should do it a third time. At that exact moment, I thought it was the most stupid sentence in the French language.

    Because it was my third time in NY and it felt quite different. The previous summer (my second time in the city) was amazing: I finally recorded a little piano song and I made a small amateur short doc. But I was stupid enough to think that this creative vibe will come back the second I touch the ground of these streets. But it didn’t. This third time in NY felt like these tequila shots: it surprises you the first time, make your night the second and make you a little sick the third.

    To episode II


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